postpartum support

A postpartum doula's first priority is to insure that the new mother is rested and relaxed, and to assist her with breastfeeding and/or nurturing her baby. We try to lighten the load that new moms inevitably feel. I am here to help your family get off to a great start whatever your unique situation might be. Even though services provided will vary from client to client, postpartum services often include:

  • Breastfeeding Counseling/Latch And Positioning Help
  • Understanding Baby Cues
  • Diapering and Baby Care 
  • Sibling Support
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Errands
  • Resources & Referrals (massage, acupuncture, support groups, pediatric chiropractors, green baby goods,
  • Non judgmental support for family Organize the home and nursery Take care of baby’s laundry
  • Screen for postpartum mood disorders
  • Sleeping solutions and how to get enough sleep in the first weeks
  • Help create a nurturing & quiet environment for the family
  • Assist the family by organizing offers of help from friends and extended family to create a structured
    flow of help
  • Care for baby when parents want to shower, nap, or spend some special time with older child(ren)
  • Hands-on education for infant and mama care
  • Prepare pump supplies or bottles
  • Babywearing assistance, education, and demonstrations
  • Caring for mama as she recovers from birth
  • Processing the birth experience
  • Soothing Baby

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